About me

My name’s Nijil David Abraham and currently living in Berlin. I was born in Kerala, India and lived most of my life in Dubai. I try to live in a growth mindset and is a fan of exploring unknowns. Recently it’s solving complex mazes and trying to make lamps.

Reading helps me grow and cooking makes me relaxed. For my homeland, I run keralastartupjobs.com. I tweet my thoughts and write about the things I’ve learned. Feel free to write to me and let’s meet over a cup of tea.

Working in various sectors has helped me understand different aspects of business and how design is treated in all of them. Some of these sectors are classifieds, real estate, security, intelligence and lately, it’s fintech.

At present, I’m working as a Senior Product Designer for the Design system in Delivery hero. Over here, I take care of the system by maintaining it, creating new solutions and facilitating the community around it. If you’d like to know more about my professional life, you can start with my LinkedIn profile.