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Desmond:i know what we need to do
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Initially I thought Assassin’s Creed III was just a game but it turned out to be more than that.

The formula
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I always believed the best movies in this world are simply a combination of good formulas. And that will be …

We wake up everyday
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No matter what happens we wake up everyday. We strive so hard to get ourselves updated with the developments around …

The day I saw God
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Travelling through air had always been my luxurious ticket out to the worldof relaxation.I had my vacations and was so …

Pebbles – 01
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Sitting by a stream, watching the flowing river touch a few pebbles as they pass, got me into one of …

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Everything i have known and learnt has finally started to fall in places. The reason of existence is very simple. …

What are you trying to do ?
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I’m not a man who is crying out for his lost one. I’m not a dead body who has lost …