Into the abyss

The unkowns of our life is a force or direction we have no clue yet we strive for it.

I have come to believe that this is a mighty continent which was hitherto unknown. — Christopher Columbus

We all live our lives in different magnitudes and perspectives. As our comfort zones nurture us on one side, there’s something on the other side that keeps us awake at night.

It’s the unknowns of our life.

A force or direction we have no clue yet we strive for it. Let’s pick up some moments to see if it’s making sense.

A good walk

We know our house better than anyone. It’s perfect in it’s own way. But we’ve experienced mornings that has nothing to look forward to. The curiosity decay with time and space.

However most of us are excited to visit a friend or take a walk even though we’ve no clue about the things we’re going to explore or the conversations we’ll have. The unknowns makes it all exciting.

Not the sausage again

I was staying in a hotel for a month and they served the American breakfast. There was sausages, bacon, egg, bread toast, fresh orange juice, pan cakes and fruits. The super-heavy-royal breakfast.

I loved every bit of it so much that I ended up skipping lunch once a while. But after a week or two, I couldn’t eat that anymore and hated sausage for a year.

No matter how delicious our food is, if we eat the same dish everyday, we will get bored. We humans need variety; something to unknown lookout for.

Inventing task

At work, we’ve all been in a state of no challenges. We invent tasks to keep us busy throughout the day. We hold onto it tightly because none of us want to get back to being bored or not useful.

None of us are fans of repetitive jobs. There are situations when we’re bound to do it but let’s face it. A challenging task will always widen our eyes more. We need an unknown to motivate us at work.

That special thing

We always hear people say they love to travel. Traveling is indeed one of the most beautiful experiences. My friends kept visiting places and doing remote jobs. I used to wonder why would someone go into the wild and find the journey exciting.

There must be something special about going to a place, eating something new, experience the culture and being a part of that community.

Rather than looking at the special thing, there could be a common factor among them. You got it right. Everything is unknown to us.

Even though the above moments are vividly different, they all are driven by the beauty of unknowns. Maybe the cure to a boring life is to increase the number of unknowns. Let the uncharted territories bring us more happiness and willpower to move ahead.

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