Letting your friends go

A hard decision to make rather than faking the relations and stick to the close ones

I’ve had many circle of friends. Some are from childhood, neighbourhood, school, college, work or even random ones. As time passed by, I weren’t able to keep in touch with all but I don’t regret it either. I don’t hate any of them whereas I loved their company once. I had picked a few ones on the way and is quite happy about it.

So why does one only pick some of them and ignore the rest? Maybe they’re not our wavelength or maybe they don’t make us a better human.

We humans always have a tendency to be good. If we never had that, we wouldn’t feel guilty or repent. We wouldn’t have the urge to change from hurting others to loving people. So deep inside, we want to be good. This is why we like to hang out with friends that make us feel good.

For example, I never used to run before because never had friends that ran or talked about running. Today I’m writing this edition after a good run because most of my friends do run. They give me some good advice about running and often motivates me. Even the way I live is evolving in a good way because of them.

A metaphor about cold might explain it better. If a friend who has a cold is around you for a while, you are likely to get a cold too. It kind of works the same way for a behaviour or lifestyle too. Those are at times contagious among friends.

About the old circle, I had to let go or reduce communication with them. Maybe the circles never made me feel good or had anything that interested me. The best past is that the letting them go happened in a gradual unnoticeable way .

So can we put it this way? — To receive a better version of me I had to choose a new circle.

If you want to start reading books, join a group that reads. Be a good conversationalist and they will let you in. If you love salads, order / cook with people that love salads too. They love it because they’ve a passion towards it. Passionate people always share their wisdom. You will stick to the circle if it interests you or else you might fly away looking for another one.

To sum up, let go your friends who do not bring the best in you. You might only end up hating, hurting and faking the relations. They might find peace with another one or even without you. I agree that this is a hard decision but think of it like evolution. About the ones that stays from your childhood to the old age, don’t let them go. They’ve a huge part to play in your life because they are the ones who make you a better human being.

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