The moment

The best moments of my life that I’d like to have it repeated over and over again.

The best moments of my life that I’d like to have it repeated over and over again.

5:45 AM

The sun’s rays break the silence in the room and I open my eyes to Neva, my daughter waking up with a smile. My wife says she got that smile from me, the one which Daya fell for.

As the room gets brighter, I’m in the midst of five pillows, a cozy quilt and two beautiful creatures. This is the most precious moment of my life and it’s going to repeat every day.


During my school days, I always arrived at the bus stop 20 minutes before. Even my friends did the same because this way we had time to play two arcade games and a quick can-football game. We left our home well dressed and got into the bus in a shabby way but it didn’t matter because those 20 minutes was the best part of our day. It was our moment.


I was working as a Web Designer. The value of time and routines started to look different. On every weekend, myself and my friends drove near the beach. We used to sit on the rocks with a soft drink and talk. At times, we remained silent and looked at the world around us. I don’t know why we kept going back but looks like it gave us something special.


When I was in Bangalore, I woke up to the sound of birds and my house owner’s dog came running as I was making tea. Maybe he knew the timing or by the smell of tea. I took him for a long walk or maybe he was taking me for a walk. 🙂 It was my moment and never compromised it for anything else.


I woke up answering to mobile notifications because they seemed pretty important to me. I didn’t have any moments and kept being a slave to many things.

The learning

Yes, I had lost it for a while but got it back by rethinking about the important things in life. For e.g. What will happen if I don’t check my mobile in the morning? What could possibly happen?

Let’s not assume that moments are peaceful times with oneself or with family. It could be a good run, cooking a dish, taking a walk to the office or anything that fits you.

If you’re still doing it, good job on that. If you’re not, maybe it’s time to think about it.So go ahead, find yours and share it with the world so that everyone can find theirs. In the meantime, let me wake up tomorrow experiencing my moment.

In the last edition, we talked about our prioritization criteria i.e prioritizing things based on what we live for. So I asked myself a question “ What are the things that can wait when I wake up and what cannot? “ Here’s what I found.

Can wait
– The notifications in my phone
– Morning news
– Chores

Cannot wait
– A kiss
– Silence
– Morning walk or run
– Watering the plants
– Ginger-lime shot

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